SmartSenseTechnology to bring the benefits of IT to foundry doorstep, making foundry process more efficient and more productive.

The industries where the content of science has been more than 70-80% have been able to adapt to the IT developments almost at the same pace as its development.

Taking this forward Rhino has extended its foundry domain knowledge and coupled with the existing presence and stable platform from Ecolibrium to create a platform which will help foundries right from the smallest to the largest with analytics, reporting and alert under their Insights platform.

The solution is not limited to Energy only! But it is a holistic and comprehensive approach to collating and relating data from across all the major production centres such as Melting, Moulding, Sand,Core, Fettling, Painting & Despatch.

Data Management Issues addressed by SmartSense® Platform

• Access to real time accurate data for Energy, Materials, Production

• Hardware issues – Unreliable local hardware & software for critical data

• Analytics of data collected – not in real time, limited information & reports, not integrated

• Centralized monitoring– geographically distant locations data not on same platform

• Breakdown & Prive Maintenance – lack of scheduled alerts on common platform

SmartSense® has been built and developed in IIM (A) incubation centre for acquiring the data directly from the machine through a very common RS485 protocol used across various systems. The hardware is including the normal SIM from the Cellular system operators with available mobile networks,and connectivity to any of the measuring devices, PLCs and such data devices. The software platform commonly called as User Interface (UI) has been built to work on any web browser, with widgets and insights which includes analytics, reports and alerts. The system is completely developed in India by software engineers with a continuous update as the IT upgrades.

Once having built the platform to acquire the data, Rhino shall be putting together years of experience of its own organisation and take the experts from the industry on board, to provide comprehensive solution for data acquisition, analysis and then support with consulting. SmartSense® therefore can turn into not only data acquisition but a tool for foundries to find solutions with the platform of IoT. It will probably be the first time such a solution is being implemented in this century of more than a century old, and we are proud to have started a new paradigm and way of looking at technology